Teia – Small


Conceived for the MIPEL F / W23, the Teia krocette is a daily bag made of AppleSkin obtained from the reuse of apple peels. An intrinsic feature of this unique recycled process is any non-homogeneity in the material or surface, an expression of the value and particular history that lies behind the production of the bag. Characterized by double handles, the model is finished with metal accessories and stitching that characterize its shape and versatility. Available in three sizes: small for special evenings, medium for a career woman and large for the perfect citizen of the world. With a circular production logic behind it, the TEIA, in Greek “the divine”, is the ideal accessory to complete your look with uniqueness.

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Automatic closure

Inside pocket

Internal label with krocette logo krocette
logo on the Front

Gold galvanic finishes
Metal feet

Material: Pellemela Yellow

Additional information

Weight 322 g
Dimensions 28 × 8 × 26 cm

Green, Grey


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