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Our ethical fashion

We believe that a lifestyle that respects the environment and animals is not made up of sacrifices, but of choices. And every choice we make is a challenge we accept.

Our challenge was to combine Made in Italy quality with ecological and cruelty-free materials.

In fact, in krocette creations we have merged the aesthetics of the product with the ethics of production so that you will not have to compromise. They are a pure conscious choice of an authentic style.

This is how #cambiapelle is born, the project for a new ethical fashion, which combines animal rights commitment, eco-sustainability and Made in Italy quality through innovation.

Our products have obtained the VVV+ certification, the best level of the Animal Free Fashion ethical rating created by LAV, for am the total absence of raw materials of animal origin.

Maximum quality with minimum environmental impact.
The choice of recycled materials from the Italian vegetable supply chain,
allows us to develop eco-sustainable products at every stage of processing.

The contemporary taste of fashion design and the craftsmanship of raw materials in a completely Italian production chain: this is how we have obtained the prestigious 100% Made in Italy certification

The heart of our project is the search for the most innovative materials and latest generation production techniques.


#cambiapelle is the challenge to change perspective with style
#cambiapelle è la sfida a cambiare prospettiva
#cambiapelle è la sfida
Do you accept it?

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