Modular design, Versatile style.

Discover all the bags of the customizable, unique, yours krocette collections.

The Nature of a krocette

A tree changes its appearance following the changing of the seasons, yet it does not lose its essential uniqueness. From this simple concept the bags of krocette collections are born, designed to regenerate following the cycles of nature while maintaining an invariable, alive, eternal core. Reuse fruit waste and treat it with totally natural processes, to obtain an innovative material, sustainable from an economic and environmental point of view. The result is the first vegetable alternative leather, a material with the same precious texture as leather, but completely cruelty-free

A bag for every occasion, for all seasons.


is the first line of krocette designer bags made in AppleSkin, the vegetable alternative leather obtained from the processing of apple scraps.

Make it unique, make it yours

The design of krocette collections is designed to transform your style and to adapt it to any situation. Each krocette bag can be customized by changing the PurseFace, the belt or the plate.


Soft lines, fresh style and the same sophisticated texture of the AppleSkin krocette.

These are the ingredients of the new Juicy collection, the new line of bags and accessories designed for casual chic urban fashion.

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