Made in Italy, Made in Nature.


krocette is the new Italian brand of vegan and eco-sustainable accessories.

We work closely with the manufacturing excellence of Italy to develop unique creations with an innovative style. We also use only materials of plant origin, to offer products of the highest quality and with zero impact on the health of the environment and animals.

The story of a krocette. From the tree, to your outfit.

Imagine being able to pick a uniquely designed bag directly from a tree branch: the story of a krocette is not far from this idea.

It all started with an intuition: reusing fruit waste and treating them with totally natural processes, to obtain an innovative material, sustainable from an economic and environmental point of view. The result is the first vegetable alternative leather, a material with the same precious texture as leather, cruelty-free.

The mastery and the creativity of the fabric artisans have given shape, style and elegance to the material.

The fresh and natural lines of a krocette seem to be crossed by the same lifeblood that nourishes the fruit from which it was born. And this makes it the perfect accessory you want by your side.

AppleSkin: eco-sustainable and cruelty-free. Pure alternative, vegetable leather.

The style changes skin with an innovative material born from a virtuous example of circular economy. AppleSkin is developed by reducing polluting emissions in all  stages of processing and is not obtained from raw materials of animal origin.

These characteristics have allowed krocette creations to obtain Animal Free Fashion certification.