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New Collection – Genesis


The primordial children of the Earth and Heaven

Extraordinary beings, they embody the forces of nature or concepts or feelings. Ancient deities symbolizing natural elements, the Titans are endowed with extraordinary strength. They are challenged by a new divine generation, the Olympic gods led by Zeus: in the terrible struggle they have the worst and are locked up, as punishment, in Tartarus, at the center of the Earth. From the union of Uranus and Gaea, primordial divinities symbolizing Heaven and Earth, the second divine generation is born, that of the Titans and Titanides. The GENESIS of new colors, models and forms of event: a path studied in detail represented in the fall / winter 22-23 collection.

in Greek "she who fixes destiny" is a bucket bag made from the union of soft Pellemela Apple Trunk and Pellemela Apple Upper Crush garnet.

in Greek "the divine", it is the ideal accessory to complete your look with uniqueness. Available in three sizes: small, medium and large.

from the Greek "memory", designed to store tablets and diary, it has the optimal size to be used as a business bag.

in Greek represented as a huge expanse of water that surrounds the earth, very large it allows you to always have your personal effects with you during the day.

in Greek "the aurora", is a compact shoulder bag made of python-effect AppleSkin Yellow and hammered AppleSkin Apple Upper Crush. The replaceable shoulder strap allows you to easily wear the bag even as a crossbody.

in Greek "he who runs high", is a backpack made of Pellemela Yellow. The model with flap and buckle closure is designed to be worn and used in comfort

in Greek "the sun", it is the ideal accessory for traveling. conceived for the MIPEL F / W23, the krocette Characterized by double handles, the model is finished with silver metal accessories and topstitching that characterize its shape and practicality.

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